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About Online URL Encoder/Decoder

Online URL Encoder/Decoder

Decoding & Encoding of a website URL is significant because some users are not familiar with Unicode Text. Thus, encoding website URL will help servers to understand your website URL and also help individuals to have accessibility to your website.

With ‘URL Encoder/Decoder’, you can encode/decode any string of characters by putting them easily in the empty text field. And after you hit the “Submit” button, it will be encoded/decoded consistently with the directions of Uniform Resource Identifier. The encoding system is called as percent encoding, and the encoding/decoding tool is being utilized in case of any preparation of media or data, as is frequently employed in the submission of HTML form data.

URLs are actually the Internet address of websites and serves as a set of characters with the aim of writing URL. To confirm if the website URL is written to particular URL carrier, you can use tools like URL encoder/decoder.

Thus, if you are ever in need of URL encoding or decoding, always remember to use a URL decode online tool, and get your work done instantly.