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About Suspicious Domain Checker

Suspicious Domain Checker

Malicious domain lookup tool is a free tool which helps you to check if your site has any virus or malware activity. It is a free link virus checker and if you want to improve and optimize your site, it is a must-to-use tool. You can perform your website safety check on a regular basis by using this tool.

If you are doubtful about any site and want to scan url before visiting it, enter its URL in the textbox given on the screen. It only takes a few seconds to produce a result. If your site is getting de-indexed from search engine results, then there might be any suspicious activity going on with the website. Thus, it is important to check the site regularly for any suspicious activity like stealing of viruses, data, or phishing activity going on with your website.

How to use Suspicious Domain Checker tool?

  • Enter the URL of the site which you want to check

  • After entering the URL, click on ‘Check’ button.

  • A whole status will appear on the screen which shows if your site is infected or not.

Now with this awesome tool, you can perform the website safely check anytime absolutely free!