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About Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search Tool - 100% Free, Always

Prepostseo's reverse image lookup tool is absolutely free to use and there is no limits on it. You can direcly use the picture search feature without even registering into it. We do not store any data on our servers, so you can use this picture search feature without worries.

What is reverse image search?

With billions of photos available on the web, it could be really hard to sort through all of those to find exactly the images you are looking for, their sources (image match), and their accompanying information. It can be a huge challenge finding alternate sizes and cropped thumbnails of images that are already in your possession or even finding other websites using the same photo. However, this is where “Reverse Image Search” comes to your rescue!

When you search for or with a picture, you may get results containing:

  • Similar images
  • The list of websites that contain these images
  • Other sizes (dimensions) of the picture you searched with

How to Use The Image Lookup Tool?

You can search for an image by uploading + with URL or by typing the keyword or any word you want to search for related images.

Enter Image URL - After that, you just have to click on the “Search Similar Images” button to start your search. OR

Choose File (Upload image) - From you PC or Mobile and 'Submit'

In a matter of seconds, our free image lookup tool will pull the most relevant images from the web through Google, Bing, and Yandex to present to you. We are also trying to incorporate facebook, instagram, reddit, twitter, tinder, pinterest and other platforms in this prepostseo reverse image search tool.

Reverse Image Search for Android, iOS, And Desktop

With this image finder, it has now become risk-free to check where the image originated along with many other details. You can even find websites that are using the image of your website.

You can now quickly do a reverse image search not just on your desktops or laptops but also on your smartphone devices as well.

For Desktop:

There are several reasons why one should use this free reverse image search tool on a computer:

  • Finding a better resolution of the image
  • keeping a regular check on your uploaded images.

To find similar images on a computer, just open the tool and upload or provide image URL.

Procedure to search on a computer:

  • Right-click any image on the internet,
  • Copy link address to fetch the URL (or you can simply open the picture in another tab and take its link from the address bar)
  • Locally stored images can be easily uploaded by clicking on the upload option. When you are done uploading, then what are you waiting for, press the “Submit” button.

Image search for phone (Android, iOS)

Like photo search on a computer or laptop, it also doesn’t require any more effort. People usually take product images through a smartphone to find similar items on the internet, either to check the price or to check its availability.

  • Open the reverse image search in your browser
  • Upload the photo by tapping on the “Upload” icon located in the tool or by image URL.

To get the URL, you can switch between tabs after opening the image separately in a window or store through tap and hold until you are given the option to save the picture. Once you have uploaded the image, all you need to do is wait for the results after tapping “Submit”.

Why it is Important to Perform Reverse Photo Search?

  • To identify the objects in an image
  • To learn more about the object in an image

  • To discover more photos that are visually similar photo match

  • To find the image’s original creators or owners

  • To discover and uncover plagiarized images

  • To dredge up or rout out fake accounts

  • To enhance search engine optimization

How Search by image is helping Photographers and Journalists?

Both in the field of photography and journalism, image is one of the most important part and they need to ensure the copyright so that no one can reproduce or copy it. If you are not protecting your images, it will cost you a lot of money. So to help photographers and journalists around the world, we have come up with this intuitive and advance reverse image lookup tool.

Within a few clicks, it will find out all the similar images on the internet. This powerful photo search is a help specially to the freelance professionals.

Other Popular Reverse Image Search Tools:

There are many popular reverse image search tools, some of them are free to use while some have paid versions with more features. Here's the list:

  • Google reverse image search - A popular tool that Google offers, its a free tool and you can search similar images with ease. This tool can not be accessed from the countries where Google is banned. Also, Google’s ‘search by image’ feature is only available for desktop computers and not on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Yandex reverse image search - This is also a popular tool, but sometimes you will notice that the results are not complete and this may disappoint you a lot. Their database is very small and due to this many results got emitted resulting loss to you.
  • Bing reverse image search - Bing is becoming more popular in countries where Google is banned, still there is a lot of scope of improvements. They need to work on their database to ensure complete results for all searches.
  • Tineye reverse image search - This is a popular independent tool and has millions of followers. Their innovative technology has helped them a lot to become what they are. Tineye are experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning. Though, the major shortcoming is that you need to create your account if you want to use this website, that's a bit more intimidating for people who don't want to register.
  • Labnol - They use Reverse Image Search by Google, you can quickly discover visually similar photos from around the web. There is no innovation, just a mere use of API's. They have nice interface and you can access this website on mobile also.
  • Other tools - There are hundreds of other tools - Duplichecker, Smallseotools, Reverseimagesearch, image search catfish, etc.