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Page size checker works like a magic tool that you can use to check website size online in a matter of only few seconds. If you have a website that takes longer than usual time to load then it is a sign that you need to worry about the size of your website. Your web page size might be a reason for high bounce rate because visitors usually don’t have the patience while the page is loading. That's why, you first need to know how to find the size of a website. You can easily find the page size with the help of a website page size checker or page size inspector tool.

To check webpage sizes, just enter the given page URL which you want to examine in the text field and click on the button that says “Check Page Size”. Within a few seconds, results will be displayed to you including the size of the page in KBs.

Good page size and fast loading speed are important metrics and are now a part of Google’s top ranking criteria. It increases the website ranking in search engine results [SERPs].