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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker - Online Free Malware Detection Tool

Google Malware Checker is a utility tool which allows you to know about malware activities on any website. If you are apprehensive about a website, and you believe there is something wrong with it, just enter the website URL here and let the tool crawl the website for any fraudulent activity. It only takes some seconds for this tool to produce results.

On entering complete website URL, your site will be redirected towards Google Safe Browsing Analytic Page. The report is generated for the last three months as Google has visited the website, and if the Google crawler finds any questionable activity on your website, it will immediately notify you. If your website is regularly getting de-indexed from search engine results, then there might be a few concerns going on with it, and that concern could be a malware attack.

Always remember that a malware-free site runs efficiently without problems, and website visitors would like to keep visiting such websites.

How to use Google malware checker?

  • Enter complete website URL you would like to check for malware in the text field provided.
  • Click on “Submit” and you will be redirected towards Google’s safe browsing analytical page.
  • You will know that website is protected once report says that it is not listed as mysterious.
  • As you go through, a report is provided from last 90 days as Google has visited a website.

There are a number of malware checkers online, and you should use the best ones to get accurate results. Whenever you run your site with our tool, you should check things like unwanted plugins, infected code, unsafe content and your site should pass Google test prior it can be approved.