What is Citation? Citation Machine and its advantages

05/25/2020 12:00 AM by PrePostSEO in Blogging

What is a Citation?

A citation is described as how you let your readers know that you used information from some outside sources in your work (related to your work). Citation also describes those sources, and provides information that allows the reader to check them for validation or simply track them down.

This information could be anything - the author’s name, the publication date, or page numbers.

The exact information included in the citation totally depends on the citation style you are using. The most popular styles are:

  • MLA formatting - Widely adopted for classroom instruction and used worldwide by scholars, journal publishers, and academic and commercial presses.
  • Chicago style
  • APA style - Format for academic documents such as scholarly journal articles and books.

Why do we have Citations?

There are several important reasons for using citations in your paper, some of them are:

  • Citations Give Credit to the Right People
  • Citations Provide Hard Evidence of Your Thesis or Ideas
  • Citations Promote Originality and Prevent Plagiarism

When should you make Citations?

You should make a citation for a source whenever you:

  • Directly quote a source
  • Paraphrase information from a source
  • Use an idea that is expressed in another source
  • Make a specific reference to the work of another person

What is Citation Machine?

Citation machine is a smart technology to create citations, to provide grammar suggestions, and to detect unintentional plagiarism. It is an online tool that helps you write smarter and cite accurately.

With this citation tool you can quickly add citations directly into your paper, and check for grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and accidental unintentional plagiarism.

Features of Citation Machine -

  • It gives suggestions to improve your writing style, grammar and sentence structure.
  • It intuitively checks for unintentional plagiarism.
  • It makes easy to add a bibliography and citations directly to your paper.
  • It quickly and accurately create citations from multiple styles and source types.
  • Both free and premium versions are available.

How to use Citation Machine?

Using Citation Machine is a real fun and very simple. You can follow these steps to get started with your citation work:

  1. Go to Citation Machine
  2. Create a free account or a paid account with more features
  3. Upload your work directly from the computer or use your Google Drive link
  4. Click "UPLOAD"

That's it!

You are done. Based on your choice of format, you can complete your citation work. The best part of this tool is that it helps you to avoid any accidental plagiarism or grammar mistakes.

Citation Machine Alternatives

There are many other online tools available, some of the most widely used tools are:

  • EasyBIB
  • Bibme
  • Citefast
  • Mybib
  • Scribbr
  • Citethisforme

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